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Mobile phones showing the SGN- carbon monoxide awareness website on mobile phones, with sunlight reflecting of them.


SGN, Silent Killer - Carbon Monoxide Awareness Campaign

The Brief

SGN is a British gas distribution company which manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south of England. They wanted to raise awareness of carbon monoxide amongst students across the country.

The Solution

When talking about something as harmful and dangerous as Co2 it can often be quite morbid and frightening. Rather than your usual shock-horror campaign scaring students into installing an alarm, we used humor to get the conversations going on campus.


From concept to delivery, we would create a full campaign identity that included a logo, colour palette, illustrations, typography , iconography and a webpage.


Logo Design

The silent killer logo needed to be dynamic, bold and dramatic. For this we capitalised the typeface, adjusted the kerning and used two fonts that had significant difference in the weighting.

Colour Palette

We started by adding subtle tonal variations to complement the existing SGN colour palate. From here we created colour pairings that satisfied a contrast accessibility check.


Montserrat was the primary font selection for this project. It's clean lettering didn't distract from the illustrations and is notorious for it's clarity and legibility.

A blue illustration showing a housemate breaking things whilst using a VR headset accompanied with the text 'Sarah kills your peace and quite. She should come with a warning. CO does- but only if you have an alarm.' A pink illustration showing a housemate interrupting a film saying "what are you watching guys?!" accompanied with the text 'Molly kills the mood. If there's an unwanted presence, make sure it's just your housemate. Spot the signs of a CO leak. An orange illustration showing a housemate pulling out an empty carton of milk from the fridge and calling a house meeting, accompanied with the text 'Curtis kills the vibe. Don't live in a toxic environment. You can't change Curtis, but you can make sure your appliances are CO safe.'A yellow illustration showing a housemate interrupting changing the song at a party with a speech bubble saying "check out my new acoustic track!" accompanied with the text 'Johnny kills the party. Like johnny, CO is tasteless and causes nausea.'



We came up with a four part illustrative series, creating drawings that every student could sympathise and laugh along with. Known as the campus killers, these characters became central to the campaign.


These smart metaphorical tag-lines balanced the seriousness of the campaign with the and the narrative and humour of the illustrations.

Brand Book

The 'Silent Killer' brand book is a consolidation of all the work throughout the project. These guidelines act as a toolkit for anyone to utilise and reference in order to keep the consistency of the brand.

SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness campaign brand guidelines.

Brand in Action

Understanding a how to apply a brand can be tricky. We create mockups and visualisations so you can really see how the brand functions in the real word, across all media outlets.

SGN artwork on display in a train station.
Orange and blue SGN leaflets.SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness campaign displayed on a white iPhone against a blue background.SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness campaign artwork displayed on bus shelter.Blue and Green SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness campaign posters.

Social Media

With the core assets developed, we  constructed artwork to be shared across all social media platforms, included facebook, instagram and youtube.

Instagram posts of the SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness campaign.Facebook event group for the SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness campaign on white mac-book pro with iPhone.
Besixth business cards falling through the air.

Landing Page


Accessibility was a major factor for SGN. We created a super light-weight website, boasting lightening fast load times on desktop & Mobile. We also implemented several carefully thought out UI components to aid the overall user experience, including; a scroll bar indicating page position,  anchor links to sections of the page and a nav bar that hides on scroll, maximising space within the viewport. We also made sure all colours passed a contrast accessibility check.


We built a landing page that was  easy to maintain and update. Using the newly developed brand toolkit and our illustrative assets, we created something that was fun, memorable and pleasant to use. To track performance we connected the site to google analytics, allowing the marketing team to track and monitor its usage moving forward.

SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness landing page displayed on a white desktop, mac-book pro, iPad and iPhone.
SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness landing page UI responsive design.
SGN silent killer carbon monoxide awareness landing page UI displayed on mobile phones against a grey background.
"Its always a pleasure to work with Rob. As well as delivering a premium final product, his insight and ability to collaborate ensures a winning process from start to finish."
Michael Munro
senior Account Manager

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