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Moteefe website on a mac-book pro and white iPhone against a blue backgroundMoteefe landing page mocked up onto a clay mac-book and iPhone against a blue background.


Europe's Fastest Growing E-Commerce Comapny 2020- Deloitte Award Winners

The Brief

After receiving several rounds of investment, Moteefe were looking to refocus the brands visual identity. We were tasked with a redesign of the landing page and upheaval of their marketing coms.

The Solution

We developed an illustrative style that showcased the best of Moteefe's product and highlighted the opportunity it offered passionate entrepreneurs that wanted to set up their own e-com business.


The key deliverables for this project were; a new landing page, blog, a company introduction doc and marketing collateral in the form of emails, event banners and social media posts.

Moteefe website screen mock-ups against on a green background.



We kept things clean, minimal and very small in terms of file size as page load time was of the most important parts of this project. With this in mind we created lightweight illustrative assets that we would use to accompany the platform's main USP's. We also used splashes of the brand red where possible and made custom iconography to use throughout.


When you hit the landing page, the first thing you see is an illustrated css animation that shows you the complete print-on-demand process, from ordering the t-shirt at a computer to the delivery of the product at your doorstop. This effectively explained a process that can be quite complex to new sellers, in a bitesized, easy to understand way.

Design Validation

To keep the project moving in the right direction, we regularly obtained feedback though several key sellers on the platform. Having their involvement helped shape the outcome of the final design for the better.

Moteefe website displayed on a white desktop, mac-book pro, iPhone and iPad.
Moteefe website UI full homepage design.
Multiple phones on grey surface showing the Moteefe website design.



Social Media

Moteefe used social media to communicate the release of new features with it's sellers. These were often colourful, snappy and to the point.



We created a variety of on branded email templates for the marketing team could use when reaching out the their email list. This also meant adapting these so they were compatible with third party email platforms such as Mailchimp & Sendinblue.



The Moteefe blog was a library of information that not only helped to attract new sellers, but also helped existing sellers scale up their winning campaigns.


Proposal Docs

We built a highly customisable template that all members of the company could use, streamlining this process whilst keeping the design and formatting consistent.

iPhone showing an instagram advert advertising the new apple pay feature now abatable on Moteefe.iPhone showing an instagram advert advertising 'the best Trustpilot P-O-D  reviews', on a blue background.iPhone showing an instagram advert advertising '$5.99 T-shirt base cost' on a yellow background.iPhone showing an instagram advert advertising 'Fast local delivery' on a red background.iPhone showing an instagram advert advertising the new  'Custom text feature' on a red background.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads were a big part of Moteefe's marketing strategy. We spent several months refining and testing ad creative until we found the perfect balance of bold colours, stylised graphics and enticing copy that would stop anyone scrolling through their news feed.

iPhone screens showing the Moteefe summer competition in a facebook newsfeed on a yellow background.

Spring Contest

To keep sellers motivated we ran quarterly competitions with some incredible prizes. Each contest required it's own identity within the parameters of the existing brand.

Pitch Docs

As a start up it was essential to give off a good first impression. We built a modular template that allowed the sales team to quickly prepare documents documents from an array of pre-approved pages. Once they had the skeleton together, we then combined it with tailor made mockups and imagery, personalising it to the company they were approaching. This proved time-efficient and generated results.

Moteefe pitch presentation slides on a green background.


Colour Palette

Moteefe's colour palate was made up of primary and secondary colours,w ith the intention of keeping the brand fun and playful. With specific colour pairings and subtle patterns, they were successful in grabbing attention and standing out.


Gotham HTF was the selected typeface for Moteefe. It offered bold, clear typography to match it's colour palate, and also came with a variety of weightings.

Besixth business cards falling through the air.

Moteefe Blog

Moteefe wanted to position themselves as industry leading experts on print-on-demand, so to do this we built the Moteefe Blog. This would become a vital resource for anyone looking to grow their own e-com company, and a great source of organic traffic.

the Moteefe blog displayed on a mac-book pro.
"Rob was the lead digital designer at Moteefe. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone that is looking for a talented, determined and pragmatic designer. Rob works diligently and creatively, and he can always be relied upon to meet deadlines and deliver above and beyond the brief."
Mathijs Eefting

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