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Mazyng company website on a clay laptop and macbook.


E-commerce fashion for influencers

The Brief

To design and develop the visual identity for an emerging e-com fashion print-on-demand brand, tailored towards attracting influencers and celebrities.

The Solution

Create a sleek, stylish and immersive brand that influencers immediately understand and resonate with.


For the launch of the company we needed to define and create all core brand assets, including logo, photography, colour palette and font. From this would stem the UI for the website, a plethora of marketing coms and a set of company credentials.

Mazyng website displayed on a desktop, tablet, mac-book and iPhone




Identifying the positioning and offering of the company was our upmost priority as this would underpin all of the decision making throughout the project.



We started by scouring the market for competition, figuring out exactly what we did and didn't like. This was followed up with moodboards, persona cards and conversations with potential users of the platform.



From learnings taken from the research we start to explore various design avenues we can take with the project. This results in 5 possible options.



With our 5 proposed ideas, we seek to obtain feedback from users and cross-reference against our initial specification and brief. Once an idea and theme have been selected, we continue to roll out the project deliverables.

Sections of the mazyng web designSections of the Mazyng landing pageMazyng landing page design


The combination of light greys, bold reds, iconography & photography, created a distinctive and instantly recognisable look which would later become synonymous to the mazyng brand.

The Design

The objective was to create something that challenged the stigma sometimes attributed to print-on-demand brands. We achieved this by using stylised black & white, fashion inspired photography, and sat it alongside fluid UI animations. This pairing exuded the level of sophistication and class that it's users sought after.

Mazyng home page on a mobile phoneMazyng 'your brand your stores' home page on a mobile phoneMazyng 'free, no risk'  page on a mobile phoneMazyng product page on a mobile phoneMazyng 'sell products anywhere' page on a mobile phoneMazyng 'social media' page on a mobile phoneMazyng red navigation menu displayed on a mobile phoneMazyng sign up page displayed on a mobile phoneMazyng 'store features' page displayed on a mobile phoneMazyng 'products' page displayed on a mobile phoneMazyng product showcase displayed on a mobile phoneMazyng product filtering navigation on a mobile phone


The mobile experience is paramount to the to success of any e-com business, which is why we ensured it was super quick, fluid, and designed with ergonomics in mind, guaranteeing a first rate performance every time.

15" space grey mac-book displaying the Mazyng homepage
"The work Rob produces is always of the highest quality and why we have collaborated with him on several projects. His professionalism and meticulous attention to detail result in stunning designs that impress time and time again."
Giuseppe Bagorda
MAZYNG founder

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