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Bacardi 'bring the heat' app displayed on a black iPhone


Bacardi Carta Fuego - Bring the Heat

The Brief

Working in partnership with Campus Group marketing agency, we were tasked with creating a digital experience to run alongside an existing student campaign promoting Barcrdi's new spiced rum.

The Solution

An interactive app that would determine how many drops of Tabasco to have with your shot of rum. This would reinforce the Bacardi drinking ritual whilst creating a memorable brand experience for the students.


We would carry out extensive research on users and provide a full working set of design files adequate for handover to a development team.

A collection of Black iPhones displaying the Bacardi 'bring the heat' app.




Develop a concept and campaign strategy to get students familiarised with the new Tabasco drinking ritual.



Using the Bacardi brand assets, we worked through rounds of iterations to come up with a design that focused on simplicity and function.



To ensure the success of the app, it was important for us to put the prototype in front of users and gather feedback before transitioning into development.



Once we had sign off on the design, we then prepared the files for our development team. This included a working prototype showcasing UI animations, exported assets and annotations on key points.

A collection of screens from the Bacardi 'bring the heat' app.



We used a combination of the Bacardi Red and their unique typefaces to create a look and feel that's instantly recognisable and familiar.

Bacardi 'choice or chance' game on a white iPhone.

The Wheel

When you spun the wheel, you would hear a subtle clicking sound that synced up with the speed of the spin. We made sure this was smooth and weighted effect, creating an enjoyable and oddly satisfying user experience. When the wheel finishes spinning, a pop up modal eases into the viewport showing you how many shots of Tabasco you'll need to add. Here you could also share a video of your #fuegoface for the chance to win some prizes.

A person holding a phone playing the Bacardi spinning wheel game - choice or chance'.

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