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The Network
Our webhosting servers are located in the Bluesquare 3 Data Centre in Maidenhead(London), United Kingdom.
The Network
- 99.9% network uptime guarentee
- Cisco switching
- Servers on fully redundant network
- Connection to the 2x10Gbit backbone
- Redundant GigE
- Multi Tier Networking, including:
  - LINX, London
  - AMS-IX, Amsterdam
  - VIX, Vienna
  - BIX, Bupapest
  - DE-CIX, Frankfurt
The Data Center
- Multiple level security systems
- Redundant environmental control
- Power redundancy
- Fire Suppression systems
- Advanced cooling systems ~22C

The Servers
We host our web hosting packages on IBM eServers, typically with the following specification:
- Dual or Quad Core CPU
- 4 GB Ram
- 10,000-15,000RPM SCSI/SAS IBM HDD's
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